Time Change and Time for Change.

With the time change it prompted me to put some thoughts down about “Time for change.” I woke up this morning knowing it’s the ’times change’ from today but while making tea and looking out the kitchen window at the sunny new morning my whole being breathed a breathe filled with a sense of “it’s time for change.” Change for me personally, change for my family rythmn which has been I a bit (or rather a lot) of chaos, change for day to day functioning, change because our children are each going through their own developmental transitions and we (Matt and I) need to get with it and figure out how to adapt in order to function more smoothly, calmly, peacefully.

Change can be due to a recognised need that things are not functionally well and therefore decisions need to made to create more harmony; change can also be more out of our control as life‘s circumstances may bring us abruptly to make decisions which will bring about more change; or change can also be due to wanting to shift gears in career path, moving house, having a baby but whatever the need for change, it brings a lot with it.

I feel like throughout motherhood we are constantly making adaptations, changing as our little ones evolve through each stage. We are forced to make changes to function better in our circumstances. Change takes courage, commitment, perseverance. It can feel uncomfortable, make us feel vulnerable and often causes doubt and uncertainty. Especially as moms, change is inevitable, it is constant and we have to roll with it, make decisions and adapt accordingly. Whatever change you might be going through in your motherhood journey at the moment, be it a personal realization for yourself (eg needing/wanting to exercise more) deciding to sleep train your lil one, starting solids, potty training, going back to work or deciding to stay home, or both! Know that it is a process. Change is not easy even if you know it’s for the better because with change means letting go of comfort, letting go of security and familiarity (no matter how disruptive that might be)

To make a change you have to be willing to lose in order to gain. The tricky part too is once you are certain that it’s time for things to change, it takes the next steps, a plan, consistency to follow through and reach the other side. Sometimes we may not even know the end point until we begin..and when you don’t know where to begin, just start!

Here‘s to embracing change! (and the time change;) Hold the vision, trust the process and go! I added a few quotes below which may resonate with you😌 💞

Dancing alongside you in Motherhood,

Julia xo

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