A time to reset, reconnect and trust the process..

Hello sweet mamas, During this time when we are all feeling a little unsettled it forces us to pause and focus our attention on what really matters most. It is our relationships, our connection with loved ones, family and friends that gives us strength. With schools & churches closed and so many activities cancelled or postponed it forces us to quiet our minds and calm the chaos of many of our lives. Our days over the next few weeks will not be structured around all the activities, set events or appointments. They will be about our children, our interactions, our connections. It may feel unfamiliar for some, comforting for others but ultimately this time can be seen as an opportunity to reset together as a family unit. Slow down, be intentional, see each other more clearly and respond to each other with more understanding.

This weekend I took the opportunity to start some decluttering. I feel like every room in our house needs to be cleared, cleaned and decluttered but I managed to tidy the kids desks (in preparation for homeschool) sort out the linen cupboard and bathrooms. I also am trying to declutter my mind, set priorities and actually be intentional about change so possibilities can open up. I absolutely am fully aware and expect that it’s a gradual process but I feel like now more than ever it’s a good time to regroup, check in with where you’re at and streamline things as best we can; physically, emotionally, mentally: declutter and gain clarity.

Let us embrace this time to also be mindful of those suffering and directly affected both physically and emotionally. We are all uncertain and we need to pull together and be united as ultimately there is only so much we can control.

I'm personally going from homeschooling my oldest (11) to now my two boys (10 and 6) as well and I have little Gia (my 16 month old) in the mix of it all! It is definately going to bring with it some challenges but we just have to ride the wave and soak up some sun (those bits of joy) where we can:)

We are social beings and our need for connection and interaction is what helps to keep us moving forward. I encourage you to continue to connect with friends and family through phone calls, zoom/Skype or FaceTime. Creating groups on social media or via group messages/emails to encourage and support each other may be a good idea. It may especially be difficult for new moms out there, so be sure to reach out if you are feeling particularly lonely or isolated. And if you’re on the other side and know of a new mom, be sure to check in with her. We were all on that early season of motherhood at some point💗

We’re all in this together and I’m certain that there are many positives that will come out of this. Let’s hold the vision, trust the process and embrace the joy in the “everydayness“ as we step into this new chapter.

Much love and always dancing alongside you in motherhood,

Julia xo

This is a picture I captured the other morning without them knowing. They were all drawing together😌Such a precious moment that doesn’t happen often💞

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