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Online Courses

Dancing through Motherhood Membership is an online platform that will enable you to stay connected to all parts of the dance, especially in those first 1001 days of baby's development (from conception to around your child's 2nd year of life) It is a community of moms who have access to resources which bring joy in the dance of motherhood! As a member you will find tools, skills and information as well as support you might need on an ongoing basis to create your own beautiful, unique dance through motherhood.


Some of the content includes:

  • Benefits of dancing with your baby

  • Babywearing support

  • Online dance classes through Zoom

  • Movement and dance videos you can do at home

  • Prenatal and postnatal movements and exercises

  • Baby massage education & support

  • Ideas to connect and reconnect with yourself, baby and as a family

  • A community chat forum with various topics and a place to stay connected

  • Monthly zoom calls, guest speakers and more!


No matter what season of those 1001 days you may be in, from prenatal to jiving with your toddler, you can certainly find your rhythm in Dancing through Motherhood!



RockaBaby Dance Online Course Coming soon!

Bringing together babywearing and movement to experience a joyful connection! 

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The academy is currently closed but click below to join the wait list!