Baby Wearing

Joyfully Connect through Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is a skill that has been around for centuries but only really in the last 10-15 years has it become more of a 'go to' for new moms. It was however and still is the norm in African villages as families naturally and instinctively keep their babies close by wearing them using blankets, towels or cloth. We now however have all sorts of carriers and brands to choose from. It can all be quite overwhelming however, my hope is to make it simple for you. Whatever stage you are at, that's where we will start.














Baby wearing is a skill that can be learned and practiced and it gives you a practical way to gain confidence as a new mom or mom to multiple children. It provides a bonding opportunity as well as a way to respond to baby's need to be held during the day while you continue other tasks. It is a way to check in with your little one, respond easily to baby's cues and support babies physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

  • Are you NEW to baby wearing? You are in the right place! I welcome you to attend a baby wearing 101 online webinar to hear more about it and explore basic carrier options for you and your family. You are also welcome to book a 1-1 consultation

  • Are you familiar with baby wearing but need help with a specific carrier? Book a fitting with me and lets work it out!

  • Do you have specific questions, want to try out more than one carrier/wrap, interested in woven wraps?

     You are welcome to book a consultation and feel free to send me an email and lets          connect!


Feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by Baby wearing? I am here to help and support you! Lets embrace this skill together and feel empowered and confident to keep our babies close.