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Joyful Connections

Embracing Joy in the Dance of Motherhood

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Julia Greensmith, Supporting Mothers and the Mother-Baby Connection in the the early months.
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Movement and Dance practitioner for parents and babies
  • Babywearing Educator
  • Infant Massage Instructor
  • Breastfeeding Educator

Current services

Current Services
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Blossom with Baby 
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 Dance with Baby 
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Babywearing support
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Infant Massage
Motherhood Connection Call
Classes at 
Cap Wellness Center
Mother Circles ~MotherKin

Hello there! 

My journey of motherhood began 13 years ago and I now dance alongside my  four little human beings navigating the many twists and turns along the way. One thing that I have always held onto is no matter how out-of-sync life my feel, embracing joy in the daily moments keeps me connected and brings me back to a rhythm which helps keep us all dancing to a similar beat. 

I have come to realize that through the process of creating my services, I have been on a journey of my own self discovery and I am continually learning and becoming. I have now found a place to integrate my knowledge and skills as an Occupational Therapist with that of baby massage, baby wearing, dance and mindfulness to offer unique, intentional services that help support and nurture the early seasons of motherhood.

About Me & Joyful Connections



Joyful Connections is about embracing JOY through CONNECTION in your own unique motherhood journey.


Motherhood has many layers and it teaches us so much about how we interact with ourselves and our little humans.

It can feel challenging and overwhelming but it is also an invitation for us to lean more into connection and experience so much joy!

Stepping into motherhood, whether it is for the first, second, third, fourth time round, helps us to feel more grounded in the present moment and invites us to embrace the miracle of life and become who we truly already are called to be. 


Motherhood is an opportunity to learn and grow as you blossom alongside your baby.   

I share my experience, expertise and knowledge and I offer a space to hold, support and empower mothers, particularly in the beginning season of motherhood. There is often a focus on baby's development and needing baby to thrive however, it is just as important to ensure that the mother, in particular, is felt nurtured and supported alongside baby.

Connection to self and the dyad between mother and baby is vital for overall wellbeing.


Through embracing joyful connections in your dance of motherhood, I invite you to nurture and activate your mothering confidence that is innately within you as well as help you discover a skillset and mindset  to nurture your connection to self and baby. 

Dancing alongside you mama,

Julia xo




Babywearing Dance is such a special way to connect with your baby through dance and its also a great way to build a community and develop friendships. Julia is a rock star! She is a fantastic dance teacher, a wonderful resource for baby-wearing info and also a true friend.This class has done so many wonderful things for me and my little one. I honestly can't thank Julia enough."

Tania. S

Julia is a wonderful resource. I was nervous about using a wrap carrier for my newborn, however Julia guided me through the proper way to wear the wrap and place my newborn in the carrier properly. She offered advise and expertise that allowed me to have the confidence to use the wrap safely. Thank you!

Kerri S

My baby has been sleeping better on the days we do massage. I love this special bonding time I have with my baby! She knows what to expect and she engages so well during massage. Julia is an excellent instructor and we thoroughly enjoyed our Infant massage series! 

Christina. T

Julia cultivates such a welcoming and warm community within her classes! It’s a beautiful space to come for the first time or repeat week after week, as you feel just as special and included each time! She teaches in a manner that all levels feel comfortable and safe in the space and with the dances! Julia’s classes are such a fun way to connect with your little one and create new memories together! - -Christina T.-

Lauren. H

I absolutely loved Julia's dance class! Her energy is EXACTLY what I needed as a brand new mom. Thank you for doing what you do! And for bringing us  moms together.  

“This course exceeded my expectations!” “I can’t wait to continue to use the strokes for t

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