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Discover Joyful Connections through the Dance of Motherhood 

Welcome to Joyful Connections!

From the moment we discover we are pregnant or in the decision we make to bring a new life into the world, we begin our journey of Motherhood.

We are called to reflect on where we are personally, on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

We are asked to make decisions that will not only affect ourselves but the beautiful miracle within us.

We are also called to connect on a deeper level with our partner and how our unity as a new family will affect our journey moving forward.

I like to see this journey as a dance.

We all need to listen to the music and find our rhythm. We learn and relearn the steps, discover ways to enhance our movements and invite others to join us as we connect and have fun along the way!


There are many things that can help us find joy while navigating our dance of motherhood and that is what I hope to provide here. A place to joyfully connect no matter what part of the dance you are in. A place to help you find a rhythm with the support, community, tools, skills and information you might need to help create your own beautiful Dance through Motherhood.  

Thank you for being here!

Join me in the

Dance of Motherhood

Connect through baby-wearing

Baby wearing has so many benefits for both care giver and baby. Babies expect to be held and we can provide this natural need, comfort, security and bonding experience through baby-wearing. Baby-wearing is also a very personal experience and hence the type of carrier you use is a personal choice. It is important however that both caregiver and baby are comfortable and caregiver is aware of proper positioning and use of the carrier to enjoy and embrace this skill. 

Connect Through Dance

Dance is a universal language. It provides an opportunity to connect in the moment and it feels good to move the body. When we dance collectively as a group, we create a sense of unity, belonging and acceptance. Babies respond to the natural movement of the caregiver . Dance is a joyful way of bonding with your baby/child ~ while dancing we release all the feel good hormones!

Infant massage is nurtured touch. Babies thrive from being held, touched in a nurturing way and benefit in all areas of development. It is a way of communicating trust, respect, love, security and a sense of belonging. It is a wonderful bonding experience where both caregiver and baby are fully present in a beautiful dialogue of acceptance.

connect through touch



Julia Greensmith ~ 

Wife, Mother of four and passionate about connecting her skills of Occupational Therapy, Dance, Baby-wearing and Infant Massage to the journey through Motherhood.

Hello! I am Julia, the founder of Joyful Connections. I am so glad you are here and excited to share with you on many levels as we journey through the Dance of Motherhood. I am now a mother to 4 beautiful children but my journey of Motherhood began 10 years ago. It has been a joyful and wonderful journey but also a very complex, interwoven, out of sync but at times very rhythmical. Whatever season of Motherhood you may be in, I invite you into this space to find support, encouragement, tools and skills to bring joy into your own dance. Be gentle, find your rythmn and allow your journey to unfold as you embrace your role as a mother. 



What are moms saying..?

Elli R.

Babywearing Dance is such a special way to connect with your baby through dance and its also a great way to build a community and develop friendships. Julia is a rock star! She is a fantastic dance teacher, a wonderful resource for baby-wearing info and also a true friend.This class has done so many wonderful things for me and my little one. I honestly can't thank Julia enough."

Sarah A.

Music and dancing has always taken me to a past memory, it makes me feel good, and sometimes, gives me those good feeling goosebumps. I wanted my baby, Audrey to feel what I feel, with me. We went to our first Babywearing Dance (Groovaroo) class and WE LOVED IT! 


Even though it was hard getting out the door and anxious preparing for what's to come, I had so much fun and Audrey fell calmly asleep.  I was an emotional mom and this was my first time really getting out since she was born. I was happy, I felt safe, and I knew we were going to be back. 


1 year later, we dance every Tuesday! We have made so many good friends and I am so thankful for Groovaroo and Babies in Bloom.

Julia puts me at ease and is an awesome teacher!"

Kerri S.

My baby has been sleeping better on the days we do massage. I love this special bonding time I have with my baby! She knows what to expect and she engages so well during massage. Julia is an excellent instructor and we thoroughly enjoyed our Infant massage series!